(Re)connect with your roots in Touraine

As a child, you spent the school holidays with your grandparents, at the heart of the Touraine region. But as the years passed decisions had to be made, and the property was sold. The end of an era of jubilation and carefreeness running through the woods and the fields. It’s been your unconfessed dream - almost unconscious, even - ever since to buy your own country home for future generations. You yearn to be the patriarch, the figure associated with fond memories. Well this property has just what you need. 44 acres is more than enough for a stroll without retracing your steps. And two ponds are ideal for both swimming and fishing. All you need now is a boat. Because what’s a pond without a boat! The living rooms exude authentic charm thanks to the period frames and the stone floors, while the exteriors call out to promenades. Which tree will you use to build the tree house for the grand-kids?

Prix : 1 450 000€


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