Périgord: A refuge of exceptional properties

Between 600,000 and 2,5 million euros
There is nothing little about this region. In fact, we love its immensity, beauty, and splendor, not to mention its delicious cuisine

Perigord is a refuge of exceptional properties, mansions of old stone, manor houses with bucolic charms, and sumptuous chateaus and mills, restored farms (with or without animals), and even a church. The region offers space and a variety of landscapes: thick forests, plains that change colors according to clouds, and valleys, too. The mansions are surrounded by lush vegetation, acres of woods and land, ponds that are the joy of hunters and fishermen.

The Dordogne (the river, not to be confused with department bear the same name) crosses the whole of Périgord and offers magnificent golden cliffs, where small charming villages have been built. Residents are hospitable, the climate is mild, the truffles are excellent (not chocolate, those of Périgord). It’s really that nice to live here, so much so that our friends overseas have also become fervent lovers of the territory.

It must be said that the region's nature is beautiful and generous, BARNES experts know every corner of the region and its hidden treasures. They also know that there are too many types of extraordinary real estate goods to deem only one a Best Seller. What's more, the prices of these wonders of French lineage are very attractive, between 600,000 and 2.5 million euros.

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