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Cinema has made the most of La Baule, and we can understand why: it’s one of the most beautiful bays in Europe and the place to be, especially in summer.

First and foremost, La Baule is for friends, like August 15 and its cheerful band: Berry, Daroussin, and Berring. But La Baule is also for family, like the film of Diane Kurys in La Baule-les-Pins, with its myriad of cherubs. Here, it's always a good time, just what (you?) we need.

Meet at Club Mickey

Less than 80 km from Nantes, La Baule-Escoublac (its full name) is the seaside resort par excellence. An immense collection of white sand is lined with dunes and pine forests. Even in bad weather, families and large tribes live with a smile on their faces (but do not worry, it's not often). The atmosphere is warm, summery and very rhythmic as there are a million things to do. We start with a small cafe with the friends, right after dropping the kids off at the legendary Mickey Club on Etoile Beach. Then, we calm ourselves and go to lie on the beach with a book in hand.

Beach program or sports program

La Baule is the ideal idleness for some, with the soothing beach and a little vanilla pistachio cone for refreshment, but for others, it's a big bowl of fresh air and fitness. It goes downhill, a bike ride in the back-country on  small paths between land and sea, it's good for morale and for the calves. Then a golf course, 45 magnificent holes for the champions of Birdy. And for the enthusiasts of the sea, the Atlantic Ocean awaits you, with regattas, yachts on the schedule, or for the younger bracket, sailboats that rendezvous fishing at low tide. Besides, the aperitifs we love, with shells, clams, and periwinkles, and after a doubles tennis match of course.

La Baule is your favorite port if …

  1. La Baule-les-Pins is a story between you and Diane Kurys
  2. Your swing is better according to the hour of the tides
  3. Club Mickey’s trampoline is basically the kid’s ticket to naptime

Replay the Belle Epoque

La Baule and its Côte d'Amour are renowned for its beachfront palaces, casinos, and magnificent villas with more original architecture than the others. We particularly like the houses of Baule-les-Pins, this residential area is really charming and typical of the region, with its small shopkeepers and Dryades park (8 hectares for fun). The houses with flowered planters are welcoming and open on the gardens with pergolas and verandas. But between us, the charm of the luxurious houses in the Benoit district (named in homage to the first mayor of Pouliguen) is indisputable. On the harbor’s left bank, the well-to-do families of the Belle Epoque built sublime villas along the beach - mansions worthy of Southampton as our friends across the Atlantic would say. So we’ll start this part of Gin Rummy in the shade of the pines …

La Baule, it’s all you if …

  1. Your deckchair is already in its place under the pines in Baule-les-Pins
  2. The Casino dealer at the Royal Hotel finds you a little royal air
  3. You love to see the little ones in awe of the pergolas

Between the spa and the polo club

Your heart jumps for afternoon activities. A tea on the terrace of the Hermitage, a massage at the Royal or a dip in the pool of the Castel Marie-Louise, or the semi-final of the Derby 4 at the Polo Club Brittany. And we can’t forget to taste the Niniches (soft caramel lollipops) of Manuel’s candy shop, an institution. This is the magical side of La Baule, there is always something thrilling to do. But for tonight, we’ll just take the time to watch the exceptional sunset over the salt marshes. And we’ll continue our evening with friends in the garden by the pool - you're on vacation, right?

Yes, it will be La Baule if …

  1. Your love quota is 100% for the Cote d'Amour
  2. Your hobby is having your hair blow in the salty winds of the beach
  3. Niniches, Gauloises, and Caramanuels are your guilty pleasures  (promise, we won’t tell the children)

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