The best of both worlds in Lyon

The country in the city. That's an overused expression that’s always annoyed you. After all, it’s only in Aesop’s fables that the city mouse meets the country mouse. And yet, as you walked onto that 3.46-acre plot at the heart of the city, you suddenly understood. This 9,397 sq ft house is the perfect expression of this idea. Here you can choose to dine in your favourite restaurant or spend the evening quietly by the pool. You have a choice either the stone staircase or the light oak staircase to get to the upper floors. In the inner courtyard, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can sleep peacefully at nap time, before going to your business appointment. The two independent apartments will easily find tenants, thanks to this proximity to the city. The outbuildings will house equipment useful for the maintenance of the park. One visit can make all the difference!


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