Turning the tables in Haute-Savoie

Your children have been dropping subtle - or not so subtle - hints for several years now about buying a chalet. It’s true that you love the mountains whether in winter or summer, and that the kids learnt to ski almost before walking. So you’re no longer surprised to find properties listings slipped into your files. It would be a dream come true to own a chalet in the Alps, but you don't want the hassle of the upkeep. Well your offspring have found the perfect answer - this morning when opening your briefcase you found a listing for a 1,366 sq ft apartment on the 1st floor of a chalet in Chamonix. The 1,044 sq ft terrace with views of Mont Blanc, the 646 sq ft lounge with its fireplace, and the three en suite bedrooms might just be enough to win you over. In fact, you’re thinking about closing the deal on the quiet so that you can surprise your family with a winter vacation!



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