Let’s meet in the comic aisle

Getting to the Librairie Mollat ​​is a bit of a pilgrimage to the heart of Bordeaux.

Oh la la, a pilgrimage, no, don’t frown, the journey is not that long and tedious. Once you arrive, you’ll be completely seduced by the atmosphere, you’ll savor your time at Mollat​, which has been there for 120 years; and despite the surge of the digital world, this independent bookstore plans to remain a century behind (at least), for the satisfaction of book lovers.

There’s a kind of sympathetic nonchalance, like the others, strolling through the 15 aisles of the house, strolling through the 18 km of shelves, feeling the books (yes, lovers are tactile), reading comments left by booksellers. This is key to the success of Librairie Mollat, booksellers are specialists and fans of their field: classic literature or nonfiction, crime, history, cartoons and comics, lifestyle, science, the arts. They are unbeatable, with 310,000 volumes and a love for discussing and sharing their passion. You’re left to do your own little investigation, because some, of the 55, are very talkative, but always charming, and most of all, exciting.

And in rainy weather, you can stay there for the day, especially the little ones who love the youth space, with its colorful books and educational games. On some Saturday mornings, the faithful, including a group of rascals in strollers, come to watch fantastic, sometimes scary, stories. It’s impossible to resist even the political science section, the bursts of laughter, and the ooos and ahhs of little listeners.

A huge bravo to Denis Mollat ​​and his family who have kept this magnificent space alive for 4 generations, each with ceaseless innovation, opening a place of sharing Station Ausone culture-meetings of writers and artists, conferences, free events in association with the Grand theater of Bordeaux, the conservatory. As a good pilgrim, we’ll be at the rendezvous.

That's not all, now you have to choose your books.

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