Alanea, the Basque version of beauty

It may now be a renowned cosmetics brand and spa in Biarritz, but Alanea is also a wonderful family story. Immerse yourself in a new generation of Basque beauty with #SoBARNES.

BIARRITZ - It is on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean that the Alaena adventure began. Alaena the brand name was created by taking the first names of Alaia, Hélène and Anne, three sisters brought up close to nature, on a diet of daily surfing sessions and organic food. Add to this family story their mother, Sylvie, a dermatologist, concerned for years by the harmful effects of parabens, endocrine disruptors and nanoparticles present in cosmetics and polluting our oceans. And Jean-Marc, their father, a cosmetic surgeon in Biarritz, who has always endeavoured to offer his patients tailor-made post-operative support that is as natural as possible.

It all started with the opening of the Alaena Spa in Biarritz in 2015. Its pared-down architecture with contemporary Japanese influences garnered a great deal of attention. And so a new experience was born at the heart of the Basque Country. The site itself provides inspiration for the practitioners, who combine different aesthetic medicines to offer a unique experience. So the creation of the Alaena cosmetic brand was thus a natural extension of this!


Indeed, the design of the spa was foundational for the entire treatment line: the slightly embossed monastic white packaging uses the symbol of sprouted seeds, which is central to the brand. The sleek glass jars are reminiscent of the charm of ancient skincare practices, in bathrooms free from any plastics. As for the textures, they are elegant and sensory. The fragrance based on natural essences transports the imagination to a garden after the rain, gently caressed by the ocean spray said to be more delicate in the Basque Country than anywhere else.

Starting from the Hippocratic Oath

Sylvie and Anne (mother and daughter, if you’ve been following!) studied the formulas of existing cosmetics on the market and concluded that many ingredients add weight to the formula without really adding value to the product. In most cases, active ingredients account for just 20%, the rest being ingredients from petrochemicals such as silicones, paraffin oil, acrylic, emulsifiers or preservatives. They wanted to go one step further by replacing these with "clean" ingredients, with no health risks, and by increasing the percentage of active ingredients to a minimum of 50%. In addition to innovative active ingredients from biotechnology, the formulas contain high-quality organic plant oils, rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols. Glycerin is plant-based just like the gelling agents extracted from algae, rich in antioxidants.  Each ingredient is chosen precisely for its recognised benefit and its affinity with the skin. Each product is enriched by its biodiversity. Alaena's quality charter is also ahead of cosmetic regulations: its product formulas are among the most skin and eco-friendly on the market (no parabens or synthetic fragrances, synthetic sunscreen filters or chemical preservatives, etc.).

"It was important for me to start from the Hippocratic Oath," explains Sylvie Peres. Primum non nocere, first do no harm. It was essential to eliminate all dubious chemical ingredients and to propose another cosmetology. I started by making master preparations in pharmacies, selecting the best natural ingredients. I quickly noticed the results on my patients, whose skin regained suppleness and radiance. My daughter Anne and I then created the Alaena range. Skincare products with natural active ingredients from biotechnology, highly concentrated, without any toxic ingredients or unnecessary additives, but with a chic twist”.

We may just have discovered a style of beauty that is 100% #SoBARNES ?

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Spa Alanea Biarritz : 20 Avenue du Sabaou, 64200 Biarritz – Tel. : +33(0)5 59 23 69 92

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