Watch your orange trees flourish in Neuilly-sur-Seine

The 1,400 sq ft rooftop terrace with its clear views was what won you over the first time you saw this 1,646 sq ft apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Because although you have green fingers, your beloved orange trees aren't cut out for life within four walls. They need space. So do you for that matter. And given that you’d already decided to move, it’s a question of opportunity. With its three bedrooms and its office space, you’ll no longer feel boxed in. Its large windows that let in the light and the apartment’s impeccable condition, in a calm and pleasant neighbourhood, are certainly added bonuses not to be laughed at. And the terrace is spacious, much too large for just your orange trees. What will you plant next?

Prix : 2 680 000€


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BARNES Neuilly
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