BARNES Neuilly

BARNES Neuilly

A luxury apartment in Neuilly, a distinct house near Paris, a penthouse near the Bois de Boulogne … The best real estate in Neuilly by the real estate agency, BARNES Neuilly.

The BARNES Neuilly agency is located in the heart of the city, opposite the town hall in the Sablons district.

This agency is a combination of specialized teams. One is in charge of family properties, beautiful apartments, and homes larger than 100 m2. The other is responsible for exceptional pied-à-terres. The rest covers Boulogne, Rueil, Suresnes, Asnières, Saint-Cloud, and Yvelines.

In total, 20 agents are dedicated to the Neuilly region. They offer their real estate expertise, but also their experiences with its neighborhood, shops, schools, and streets.

BARNES Neuilly makes it a point to gain clients' trusts by giving honest and transparent advice.

Neuilly according to BARNES ...

Luxury property market in Neuilly

Neuilly is a city that offers a compromise: A residential, green suburb, only 5 minutes away from Paris.Life in Neuilly

There are many families, including a loyal clientele, that has grown up in Neuilly and want their children to do the same. Expatriate families are also attracted to Neuilly's great schools, broad avenues, and security.

Our favorite neighborhoods in Neuilly

Sablons and the "village" neighborhood for its energy, family-friendly atmosphere, and access to all amenities. Saint James for its calm, residential atmosphere and proximity to Bois de Boulogne.

Our favorite place in Neuilly

The marketplace on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday mornings. A festive atmosphere, delicious regional products, and cafes.

Neuilly in 3 words

Residential, family, elegant.

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