In Versailles, a witness to French history

BARNES is offering for sale the Countess of Provence's Music Pavilion, a property at which Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette themselves were regular visitors...

VERSAILLES - Let’s not beat around the bush: this is a masterpiece. Welcome to the Countess of Provence's Music Pavilion, one of the most extraordinary residences currently for sale in France. Beyond its prestigious lineage, this historic monument is famous for its unique music room. Imagine a perfectly circular room, lit by a zenithal skylight and whose walls form a trompe-l'oeil painted décor, reproducing the outside gardens. What is most extraordinary is that this 18th-century décor is still in perfect condition today, as you can see with the #SoBARNES private tour :


Born Marie-Joséphine de Savoie, the Countess of Provence (1753-1810) was, as her name indicates, the wife of the Count of Provence. Since you have, of course, reviewed your history of the Ancien Régime, you’ll have noted that this Count is none other than the future King Louis XVIII. The Countess of Provence is therefore the sister-in-law of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette, which, you’ll have to agree, was no insignificant position. She may have had a rather frosty relationship with the royal couple, to say the least, but the etiquette of the day demanded that this small (or big?) circle of people had to socialise in an official capacity. This is where the Music Pavilion, built in 1784 at the heart of the Montreuil estate, a 30-acre country hamlet that the Countess of Provence had built south of the town of Versailles, came into play. There is evidence that the King and Queen often came here to dine in what was already a haven of greenery far from the bustle of the Court. Within these walls, undoubtedly, music and good manners reigned supreme...

Opening the doors of this palace for sale in 2020 is like stepping back in time, 250 years into the past. This neo-classical-style building now stretches over approximately 8,611 sq ft divided between reception and living rooms on the ground floor, two apartments on the 1st floor and a sunken level with its original tiling. The property will require some work to regain its former splendour, but the historical features have been carefully preserved, such as the painted ceilings of the octagonal lounge, overlooking almost an acre of grounds. Confess you are tempted!

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