A jump from Miami

You know how much we like to make you discover the most beautiful nuggets on the planet. Those that shine with a particular brilliance, that still hold mystery, but which can become the most famous tomorrow.

So it's simple, 2 pitches are available to you: a jump from Miami to Nassau, by boat or plane for a change of scenery - although the sea is always that turquoise - or a transatlantic trip to relax under the sun of this luxurious island of the Bahamas.

One thing is certain, upon your arrival, the name of Cocoplum will be whispered to your ears like a treasure that we are proud to share with friends. Cocoplum Bistro is THE restaurant that islanders and Bahamians lacked, ideally located close to the famous private clubs of Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay and Albani. An elegant and relaxed location (just right, we are in the golden triangle of Nassau, do not forget) with a refined and tasty cuisine in the colors of Mediterranean cuisine. The decoration is warm - designed by the talented Gabriella Curry with furniture and objects from around the world, a unique atmosphere that changes according to the desires of the owners who bring pieces from their personal collections. In short, a place full of charm with character both indoors, for air conditioning aficionados and outside on the sheltered terrace.

Cocoplum is the home of the talented self-taught chef, Cécile Cathelin, who has always loved sharing her love of cooking with her friends. She ventured into the big leagues with the opening of this restaurant in New Providence and she does it brilliantly. And you know that the edgy palates of the editors are excessively demanding.

The chef has the art of bringing a touch of fantasy to Mediterranean cuisine that brings joy to our seasoned palates. In her little laboratory kitchen, Cécile plays with a cloud of spices from the other side of the world, a learned combination whose secret she keeps fiercely. She creates tasty recipes, with fish caught in the morning to bring a light crispness. And to raise the meats, she has developed a divine sauce, but again, the recipe is well guarded by her and her brigade.
Magically, the chef transforms a Power Flower avocado and a Babaganoush into an explosion of flavors. You are transported from Bahamian waters to the Mediterranean Sea, for your greatest pleasure.

We cannot reveal the menu, especially since it changes according to the desires and new creations of Cécile, nicknamed Cess by her friends or Chefy by her team. No need to read in between the lines, Cocoplum will become your second home. The undeniable charm, the warm welcome and the generosity of Cécile Cathelin, as well as the reputation of her Madeleine (family size) made the tour of the island with the speed of light.

With a bit of luck, you may be the happy guest who is offered the Mamma Madeleine de Cess to enjoy breakfast under the palm trees.

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