A mansion in Brussels’s best neighborhoods

Between €1,500,000 and €3,000,000
sTo live in Brussels is to live in a dynamic international city but on a human scale. And as incredible as that may be, the capital’s inhabitants have a clear preference for big houses, but not just any: Mansions renovated to the highest standards.

In fact, the people of Brussels prefer a comfortable life of warm, cozy interiors - we see you smirking, the question of climate being a little sensitive - in a house with a minimum of 4 bedrooms and a garden perfectly oriented for a day of sunshine - and yes, don’t worry, the weather is quite nice in this Flemish country.

And as in all of the world’s capitals, the most sought-after houses are in very specific neighborhoods; Brussels’ top choices are the neighborhood Molière and its perpendiculars streets that cross the communes of Ixelles, Forest, and Uccle. Also, Brugmann, Étangs d’Ixelles, and Châtelain are home to many chic businesses, pretty terraces, antique shops, as well as stores that specialize in fashion and decor. And one more, we can't forget about the Jardins du Roi neighborhood, both royal and central.

The most coveted houses are 350 to 600 m2 in size (approx. 3,767 sq. ft. to 6,458 sq. ft.), there are many that are larger - don’t hesitate to ask your BARNES specialist - but not at all isolated. They must be close to public transport, and especially to schools because Brussels is overflowing with many high-quality institutions.

And to find this happy home, your BARNES expert has all the keys for a guaranteed success. An idea of the budget? Consider 1.5 to 3 million euros, a little less if you have a knack for renovation and a little more if you’d like bigger.

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