BARNES International

BARNES International

A dream villa in Miami, an apartment in paris, a luxury holiday rental in St Barts … The best real estate in the world by the real estate agency BARNES International.

Founded in 1994 by Heidi BARNES, the BARNES real estate agency quickly became a leader in the world of luxury real estate.

Their mission? To offer its international clients unique real estate and access to a network of real estate professionals all over the world. BARNES expands every year, and is established in the most beautiful destinations in the world. Today, BARNES has a total of 80 agencies and offices of expertise in the world, that present you with exceptional properties: properties and chataeus in France, luxury rentals in Saint Barth, programs in Switzerland, penthouses in Manhattan or waterfront villas in Miami.

A leader in the real estate world, the network of BARNES agencies accompany you in your approach and real estate plans, locally or internationally. BARNES and its unique network is the real estate partner of an international clientele who aim to take advantage of the best real estate products and opportunities of the international real estate markets.

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