Bambi Does the Wall!

Bambi has deliberately concealed her true identity and past, fuelling the wildest rumors about her being an orphan, Cuban, American or a former famous singer.

It’s impossible to know (and anyway, what does it matter?), but one thing is for sure: Bambi is one of the most famous street artists today. Critics have nicknamed her the female Bansky. A great way to be recognized by your peers!

Her approach to art is unique and her inspirations are many but contemporary: James Bond aka Daniel Craig (ode to red?), Al Weiwei and his mythical vases (minus one now!), Amy Winehouse (a poignant homage) or the iconic Dita von Teese. Celebrities can’t get enough of her, and her pieces can be found decorating the living room walls of Angelina Jolie, Adele or Kate Moss.

BARNES recently bought Bambi’s “Make tea, not war” mural at an auction, a huge piece that pays tribute to Elvis Presley, but also carries a strong message of peace tinged with the artist’s sense of humor. It was created in December 2013 when she visited Miami during the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair. This is an iconic piece by the artist, and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Arts and Business Council of Miami and displayed in the offices of Barnes around the world.



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